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Virtual Concierge

Since medieval French times, the concierge (translated to "keeper of the keys") has played a vital role in managing the lives of important people. The job description of a concierge was vast, as they were looked upon as the ones to get things done.

In today's times, the role a concierge plays in Corporate America has changed little...the concierge is still the one that is sought out when a task needs to be professional and prompt.

Since 1999, Virtual Concierge has been managing the lives of important people. Our clients include Real Estate Brokers, News Broadcasters, Lawyers, Lobbyists, as well as international clientele, and working parents. The staff at Virtual Concierge is depended on by busy people throughout the Washington Metro area that need a little extra help managing their hectic lifestyles.

In addition to assisting the busy individual, Virtual Concierge is highly recognized by Building Owners and Property Management Firms to provide exceptional service, and act as a liason between tenants and building staff.